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Is Kloud Knit Mill Revolutionizing Cutting?

Yes, we are Kloud Knit Mill, and we specialize in aggregating Cut-to-pack units in Tirupur using our proprietary technology. By aggregating these units, we streamline their operations and add value by minimizing changeovers, utilizing idle machine time, and reducing waiting time for materials. We provide visibility of input fabric materials to enhance production planning. Kloud Knit Mill upgrades stitching machines to smart machines for real-time performance monitoring and corrective actions. We facilitate compliance with social, quality, and environmental norms through Kloud Knit Mill COC Certification. Our technical advice aids innovation and sustainable practices, including using recycled yarn. With Kloud Knit Mill, Cut-to-pack units achieve improved productivity and efficiency while ensuring specialization and compliance.

How it helps you?

Kloud Knit Mill aggregates Cut-to-pack units, minimizing changeovers and reducing waiting time for materials.

Smart machine conversion improves stitching unit performance through real-time monitoring and corrective actions.

Kloud Knit Mill ensures compliance with social, quality, and environmental norms through COC Certification.

Technical advice fosters innovation and sustainable practices, such as using recycled yarn.

Aggregated units benefit from continuous orders and specialized materials, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

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