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Is Kloud Knit Mill Revolutionizing Knitting?

Yes, we are Kloud Knit Mill, and we specialize in aggregating knitting units in and around Tiruppur using our advanced proprietary technology. Through aggregation, we bring value to knitting mills by minimizing design changes, optimizing machine utilization, reducing waiting time for input materials, and enhancing visibility for better production planning. We also facilitate the conversion of knitting machines into smart machines, enabling real-time performance monitoring and corrective actions. Additionally, we assist knitting units in achieving compliance with social, quality, and environmental standards through our "Kloud Knit Mill COC Certification." Furthermore, we provide expert technical advice to drive R&D and innovation in knitted fabrics. Together, we make knitting units future-ready by fostering optimization and a unified work culture, delivering world-class quality products tailored to customer requirements.

We turn things simple...

Sustainable and stylish knitted garments for a better planet.

Advanced technology streamlining knitting operations for enhanced efficiency.

Compliance, innovation, and technical advice for industry-leading knitted fabrics.

Collaborative partnerships, optimizing work culture for world-class knitted products.

Ethical practices, craftsmanship, and comfort redefine fashion with Kloud Knit Mill.

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